As upcycled poor, white trash from the foothills of South Carolina, I earned a Marketing degree from Clemson University and worked in the world of advertising as a media buyer, copy editor, and production manager. Now, as a full-time writer, I focus on selling my characters instead of products and services.

My interest in the written word began in middle school where I experienced my first crush—on books. My walk-in closet became my reading lair, complete with throw pillows, sheets hanging from shelves, and an old lamp that doubled as a potential incendiary device. Outside of my flammable lair, I cheered for my school and was named Vice President of the IBTC—Itty Bitty Titty Committee—by my male co-students. To them, here’s a belated ‘Eat my shorts!’

In high school, I continued to read and began to write. My writing skills flourished in the academic world where I excelled at essays and research papers. Despite being a good student, I was troubled by an active mouth that got me in my fair share of hot water. Outside of the classroom, I discovered boys—taking me from hot water to a boiling cauldron of shared Hubba Bubba bubble gum, slamdancing, and skating rink romances.

Today I reside in the great state of North Carolina (where I’ve never seen the elusive Tarheel). My experience includes writing non-fiction book reviews, rating cosmetics and young adult books for my Tumblr, http://www.smudgegirls.com, and conceiving and penning short stories and full-length young adult novels. When I’m not writing or reading, I’m laughing—sometimes at my friends and family, but mostly at myself. And at the Hecks on The Middle. Dang, they crack me up!

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